Chaos on Deponia

Chaos on Deponia

A slick point-and-click adventure with a sense of humor


  • Impressive graphics
  • Bigger and better than the last game
  • Fully voice acted


  • Humor can get irritating
  • Tough, sometimes illogical puzzles


Chaos on Deponia is a graphically beautiful point-and-click adventure full of humor and quite challenging puzzles.

The second game in a planned trilogy, Chaos on Deponia follows the exploits of Rufus fighting to save his scrapyard world of Deponia. The game has a beautifully drawn world, and characters are really well animated throughout. It's fully voice acted, and the whole script is stuffed with jokes.

The gameplay in Chaos on Deponia is the same point-and-click style that was popularized in the 90s. You move the story on by solving puzzles, which you solve by interacting with and combining various objects on screen. True to the genre, the backgrounds are largely static, while only characters are animated. You can highlight everything you can use in an area by hitting the space bar, which is very useful. Solving puzzles can sometimes feel very trial and error, instead of being logical. This is quite normal for point and click adventures, but it's still annoying.

The humor is constant in Chaos on Deponia. It's not the most complex humor, relying on slapstick and schoolyard techniques. After a while this can get tiresome, and Rufus, our hero, becomes hard to like. Hopefully in the next Deponia game, the writers will resist the temptation to put a joke in every line. Despite this, it's impossible not to be impressed with the detail and effort that's been put into Chaos on Deponia.

Chaos on Deponia is a really well made point-and-click game. It's one of the best looking point and click games you'll play, and it's bigger and better than its prequel.

Chaos on Deponia


Chaos on Deponia

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